About Me

Christine Petrella

My love of photography began in grade school with my first 110 camera.     I took all of the photography courses that my high school had to offer, and went on to become a photography major in college.     I graduated with a BA in Photography from Bard Collge  in 1992 and spent time photographing weddings and other events.     As time went on, the practical side of me decided to pursue  a more traditional career, and I went on to attend law school where I graduated with a JD from Brooklyn Law School in 1997.   

I continued my passion for photography personally and went on to start a family.   I used my skills to volunteer at my children's school creating 6 yearbooks.   As my children grew, I began to take on clients and eventually launched my own business.  Most of my work has been headshot and dance photography, but I take family and business clients as well.    The bulk of my work is done at my home in Katonah, but I can travel locally.   

If you connect with my work, I can be reached my choosing the contact button above.